Q: About Swapub

Swapub is an app designed around the concept of “swapping.” Based on the story of a man who began with a paperclip and swapped his way to a new home, the app is designed to bring you a whole new experience and joy that money just can’t buy!

Q: Does Swapub charge any handling fee for swapping?

No. Swapub is a free trading platform that is not only free of any charges, but also facilitates the exchange of anything. Please use this it at your wishes and create your own exchange experiences without limit!

Q: How do I invite my friends to use Swapub?

Tap the upper left menu, tap the "invite" close to your profile icon, you may invite friends through your Facebook or Twitter account!

Q: How to search an item or an user?

Follow the steps below: 1. Tap the "magnifier" icon on the top right corner of "Fair" page. 2. Enter a keyword to search for items or user names.

Q: I did not receive notifications.

To resolve the issue, try using the steps below: For iOS system: Settings → Notifications → Select Swapub from the list → Turn on "Allow Notifications" and set the desired optionsl. For Andriod system: Settings → Sounds and Notifications → Select Swapub→set the desired options If the problem persists, please send an email to our customer service center at: service@swapub.com

Q: How to stop receiving notifications from a tracked item?

Go to the item page, dim the track icon, a heart shaped paperclip.

Q: How to stop receiving notificatons from someone that I followed?

Go to the user's profile page, tap "unfollow" icon.

Q: I left a message for an item.How do I stop receiving notifications about message activities?

Swip left on the notification, tap the Trash icon. A system window will pop up and ask "Do you want to stop receiving this notification?" Select " Don't remind me."

Q: How can I register a Swapub account?

You may use the following methods to register with Swapub. 1. Use your Facebook account to sign up for Swapub. 2. Use your email address and a password to register with Swapub. Reminder: please make sure your email account is valid and accessible for account varification and password recovery.

Q: I forget my password.

Tap "Forget password?" on the sign in page. Follow the on-screen instruction. The system will send an email to your email account that you originally registered with Swapub. Reminder: please make sure your email account is valid and accessible for account varification and password recovery.

Q: Can I share the same account across multiple smartphone?

Yes, you may share the same account across multiple devices. Please log out Swapub system before switching to another device to keep your account safe.

Q: Problem signing in Swapub via Facebook

Try steps below to troubleshoot: 1. Please ensure your device has an active and stable Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection 2. Ensure your Facebook account is validated and accesible to Facebook.

Q: What can I do when my account was hacked by someone?

We will assist you to regain your account: Once we investigate and verify that your account has been hijacked! we will temporarily lock the account and send you a new password. Please immediately contact Swapub customer service once you found your account has been hijacked. We will assist you as soon as possible. How to report hijacked account? Please email to service@swapub.com with the following contents: 1. Your full name 2. The email address you originally registered with Swapub account. 3. Your mobile phone number 4. Description in detail about the case. Please provide relevant information as much as you can. Reminder: It is required that a report should be submitted in 60 days after occurrence of the incident.

Q: How to keep my account secure?

You may keep your account safe with several methods: 1. Download Swapub from official App Store or Google Play 2. Create unique and strong password with at least 6 digits and a combination of numbers, letters, and special symbols. 3. DO NOT share mobile device with others. If you must do, log out your account after using Swapub.

Q: How do I tag my itmes and wishes? Is there anything I should pay attention to?

You may tag up to two categories when posting your items or wishes. Tagging to suitable categories help your items or wishes gain attention by targetted swappers. You may change and update category tags anytime by editing the item or wish content.

Q: How do I make my item more popular?

The following tips may help your item become popular: 1. Make your item attractive. Apply photo effects and stylish templates provided by Swapub to make your post pretty and attractive along with comprehensive description. 2. Gain more attention by leaving messages, liking and making offers on other swappers' items. 3. Tag to a category wisely which will promote your items to the target swappers.

Q: What should I do if Swapub can't find my location?

If you get a pop-up message stating that Swapub is unable to detect your location, please follow these steps to enable your location service: 1. Swapub will prompt you on screen to allow access to your location service. 2. You may also go to your device's settings feature to turn on your location service.

Q: What should I do if an item fails to upload?

When this happens, please check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and try uploading again.

Q: Are any items prohibited from being listed on Swapub?

Please refer to paragraph 7 of the Terms of Use (Member's duties and responsibilities) for a detailed explanation of the rules.

Q: Can one item be offered to multiple items?

Definitely. You may make the same offer to multiple items that you are interested, as this will increase your chance of success. The first person to trade with you will get the item and the rest of your swap requests will automatically expire. Sit back and enjoy the surprises that Swapub brings!

Q: How do I handle disputes?

If you are having trade disputes with unscrupulous or deceptive swappers, Swapub suggests you do the following to protect your rights: Step 1: Contact the swapper using the information provided on the confirmation page in Swapub and wait for a reply. Step 2: If the swapper lost of contact and it causes your loss, we advise you to report the case to the police. Inform Swapub as soon as you obtain the police report. We will monitor the involved account and suspend it if necessary. Step 3: Swapub will cooperate with the police and provide relevant information for the investigation as soon as possible. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law , and to protect the privacy of our members, Swapub will not reveal members' private contact information until we have received an official letter from the police. ●Tips and Reminders: In order to protect your rights, please keep full records of your transactions. Please avoid discussing or trading with the swapper on other social platforms. Swapub can only trace transactions and mobile phone OTP authentication conducted on the Swapub platform. In addition to mobile phone OTP and email authentication, please also use the rating system to select trustworthy swappers.

Q: Can I amend or delete ratings?

Yes, ratings can be amended once, but you will not be able to delete them. Swapub automatically sends out feedback ratings to members after a swap has been agreed upon and the goods received. To ensure an amicable swapping experience, when dealers' ratings are inconsistent, Swapub's smooth communication channel allows users one chance to amend their ratings.

Q: What should I do if someone abused the rating system?

If you think you have not been given a fair rating, or if the swapper has clearly abused the rating system or violated the Terms of Use, please use the reply function to flag this issue in the rating. Swapub serves as a platform for swapping. In order to protect mutual rights, Swapub does not amend or delete ratings from members, .

Q: How do I report an inappropriate item or account?

If you spot an item or account that has violated the Terms of Use, please click on the [exclamation mark] icon displayed on the top right corner of the item or the account page. Then choose a reason from the options provided and hit confirm. Swapub will investigate the reported item/account and remove the item from the shelf or suspend the account, based on the severity of the violation.

Q: What should I do if I have been reported by other members?

Swapub will first investigate your posted content and decide whether it is in violation of the Terms of Use. If the violation has been verified, a platform administrator will handle the situation in accordance with the Terms of Use and send out email notifications. If you are a victim of malicious reporting, please email to customer service at service@swapub.com

Q: What should I do if I can't find relevant questions and answers in the FAQ?

If you cannot find answers to your questions, please email customer service at service@swapub.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!