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What is Swapub?

Swapub is an app based around the concept of "bartering". Its inspiration comes from the story that started with the trading of a paper clip and ended with a house.
Through Swapub, you can experience the thrill of treasure hunting and relive those special moments. For a small fee, you will find through bartering the kind of happiness that money just can't buy!

A Market without Distances
In a market filled with everything you can imagine, you can hunt for treasure from all around the world and meet with users in different places. Support for switching between different languages and a currency calculator takes the hassle out of bartering with people in different countries. The choice of different filters will help you find what you want to barter for more quickly so that you can have fun treasure hunting.

Capture the Value of Items Perfectly
The image editing function can help you create a story that fully conveys the charm of the item. You can upload three photos from different angles and with all their details. You can also record a video to show the item in motion. Your item can be listed in just a few simple steps.

The Wishing Wall
You don't have to wait passively. Make a wish and post what you are looking for to the Wishing Wall. Use images and descriptions to make your wish more tangible. The Wishing Wall will allow your wishes to be seen by more people and increase the chance that your dreams will come true.

Well-Organized Personal Space and Record
In About Me, you can see all of your items and wishes so you can keep them neatly organized. Every transaction is recorded in full so you can keep track of what's happening with every transaction at all times.

Trading with Personal Warmth
The incorporation of social networking into the exchanges with other people in the market means transactions are no longer all about cold hard cash changing hands. There are now more options that come together to deliver more surprises. Find trading buddies through comments and communications during the trading process so you can share resources, hobbies, and meet more like-minded enthusiasts. You can also share your items and wishes to other social networks so more people can take part in your journey into bartering.


Swapub End of Service
Dear Swapper,

It’s been 6 years since Swapub App was launch on iOS/Android platforms on 2015. Swapub team has provided a smooth and obstacle free swapping environment, the No. 1 Asia item exchange fair. For more than 2000 days, 3.5+ million members contributed to the clause of Earth friendly. There are more than 10 million items on the fair and Swappers swapped more than 2 million items through out the years. In Swapub we have met tons of beautiful rare items, enthusiastic people and memorable moments. Thank you for all of your support. For 6 years Swapub has remain a free for all platform and try to balance the best user experience and operation. Swapub has tried numerous ways to ensure a free platform for users, unfortunately the pressure of keeping the platform going needs to be evaluated. And we are sorry to inform you:

1. Swapub will stop all swap transactions on Taiwan Time (GMT+8) 7/1/2021, Thursday 00:00.

2. Swapub will terminate all services on Taiwan Time (GMT+8) 7/23/2021, Friday 00:00.

Any deal/offer before Taiwan Time (GMT+8) 7/1/2021, Thursday 00:00 will continue to execute until completion. If you have any service request please contact our customer service at: service@swapub.com before Taiwan Time (GMT+8) 7/23/2021, Friday 00:00. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regard
Swapub Team
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